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Why the APT Blog?
This is intended to be a forum to hear diverse opinions from throughout the Central Texas region about an array of issues related to transit and quality of life.  Are you an avid cylclist?  A repressed urban planner? A fan of those cool banners on the CapMetro buses?  Someone who just enjoys sitting on Congress Avenue and watching people?  Someone who thinks we should look at growing our bus system before we start putting down more rail?  The board of the Alliance for Public Transportation could never agree on what a regional transportation system should look like – but we can all agree that a good mass transit system is part of the answer to raising our quality of life.  Your views are welcome!

Don’t curse – not needed to make your point.  Well, you can curse but that means you don’t get posted.

Respect everyone who has posted – they may be wrong, but no need to embarrass them, ok?

Did you research your facts?  Attach a link to your source or mention your source in your comments?  Facts help.

Keep it simple – you get points when you don’t put us to sleep with your argument.

Regional diversity welcome!  We have a big and diverse region – if you speak from a ‘Leander lens’ or an ‘Elgin lens,’let us know – that helps tell the story.

We are not limited just to transit.  Things related to our quality of life and how we plan our growth are welcome.

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