Show Your Support TODAY for Making The Domain Truly Accessible via Public Transportation


The Domain development in swing trading strategies stocks Northwest Austin receives tax incentives because of its economic development potential. You know that public transportation service — both bus and rail — makes property more valuable.

But our community isn’t getting the return that it could on its investment in the Domain, because up until now, the developers haven’t let bus service onto their property, or been willing to discuss it. You can help change that.

Right now, you can take swing trading strategies Capital Metro (either bus or rail) right to the edge of the Domain, but you can’t connect to and from the destinations within the development —employers, shops, restaurants, hotels — where people want to go. The Domain’s potential to be a powerful and successful transit-oriented development is being wasted.

Right now, the City, Capital Metro and APT are working with the Domain to negotiate access for public transportation on this property whose development is being supported by tax swing trading is the best strategybinary option trade in india dollars.

Your voice can help move those talks along in a way that is good for our region. Sign our petition to show your support for bus service at the Domain.